Tuesday 12 April 2016

Video of my Late Bay T2 Camper using the GoPro Hero3+

Since owning my GoPro I always wanted to try and make a decent video of my Camper. There are so many different mounting options for the camera which would make for some good viewing angles. I have the suction mount so experimented with it attached on the bottom of the sliding door to give a view of the road and front wheel and mounted it on the rear window facing forward to give a shot along the bus of the road.

Above is the GoPro attached to the bottom of the door. You can see the lanyard goes up and around the door handle in case the suction mount fails!

View from the camera once mounted at the bottom of the door. Good view of the road ahead and shows the front wheel.

Attached just behind the rear vent. Gave a great view of the road ahead and the side of my camper.

Again using the suction mount, I fixed it to the passenger window.

Please take a look at the videos I shot below with the GoPro and subscribe to my YouTube Channel

The link below is to the video I shot whilst testing out the camera in the positions above:

This is the final video I put together using shots from the GoPro:

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