Adding another light above the sliding door
Courtesy of Shawn M. Boesen

A great mod to do for those who want more light inside. Add another lamp above your slider door. Should be a hole in the opposite side of your stock one (LHD-Not sure on RHD)

Electric hookup socket location on a T2 Late Bay

A good place to locate the socket for your electrical hookup is just behind the sill on the opposite side to the sliding door. You will need a similar style socket to the one in the pic which is quite slim and IP44 rated. You also need to make sure it comes with a cap to keep any dirt/water spray out. This brings the cable out to just under the rear seat or into a cupboard if you have a 3/4 seat. You can screw the socket straight into to the sill using stainless screws and remember to use a rubber grommit where the cable passes through the floor. If anyone wants more information on the socket then let me know.

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