Wednesday 1 February 2017

Lighting the Lego VW T1 Camper

I got the Lego Camper last year and what a great build it was. Very detailed, a great model. I saw someone post a link to an LED light kit for it on Facebook so thought I'd take a look. The kit was for sale on eBay. I found a couple of reviews on the web and people said it was a good kit.

Anyway, the kit arrived and I was really impressed. The item was packaged really neatly and came with clear instructions. I wanted to create an install video so it took me a while to set everything up but the actual process is fairly easy.

I have put a few pictures below and will be putting the video up shortly which I will post a link to when it's done.

There are a 2 LED Lego strips inside, one in the cab roof and one in the central part of the roof.

The kit includes new LED indicator and headlight lenses to replace the existing  

and new LED rear light bricks..

Click on the picture below for a link to the kit on Amazon.

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