Wednesday 15 July 2015

MOT'd at last!

So, finally got her MOT done after the previous failure! This one was a lot of work and time to get everything fixed; amazing how much can go wrong in a year! Although one upside is that I actually got round to fitting the Red 9 Design EZ Coilovers too.

First part was wheel bearings and pads. Not too bad a job, the most difficult part was removing the Caliper bolts but nothing a bar over the end of the ratchet couldn't deal with!

Next was the torsion arms to replace the ball joints. This proved to be very difficult and I had to send the arms away in the end to get the old joints out and new ones pressed in.

I had to remove the torsion leaves to replace with the Red 9 solid bars you see below. Problem here was the centre grub screws, they are hard to remove without rounding off the grub.

Removing the old bump stops with a grinder, an easy job but doesn't feel right cutting them out. I will get the replacement ones that Red 9 sell.

Fitting Coilovers was an easy job but I had an issue with one creaking. It turns out one is not sitting completely vertically so needs a couple of washers just to align it.

Replacing drag link was an easy task as long as you have a ball joint extractor!

Washer jets were not working but luckily I traced it back to a dodgy ground! And then it was just the headlight adjustment and new tyre left!

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