Wednesday 1 April 2015

The Rolling Road!

Took my bus over to Wilshires Garage in Wimpole yesterday. Needed to get the carbs (Twin 40 Kadrons) set up properly on my bus after fitting them and the second hand 1641 engine.

Met Peter there, a great bloke and so knowledgeable. Firstly, I put the bus on the rolling road and we set about adjusting the mixture; I had not adjusted them since getting them from the previous owner. The last owner had placed a section of pipe over the mixture screw on the right hand carb which made it easy to adjust. The left hand carb was a different matter! No pipe, so trying to adjust the screw was a nightmare. I managed to adjust it just enough by removing the air filter and using a long screwdriver and feeding it down by the edge of the fan shroud. Once we had this set I run the bus up while Peter adjusted the timing. Ended up swapping out the Dizzy I got with this engine for my old vac advanced dizzy which I had electronic ignition in as the mechanical advance on the other wasn't working properly.

We did a final run in 3rd gear with foot to the floor and got a maximum of 65bhp. Was hoping for a little more but definitely notice the difference and had a good run back home.

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